Dubbed “Montreal’s eyebrow guru,” Elina Ross is the go-to gal in the city for microblading and Nano needling (a different technique than microblading or permanent makeup). In addition to performing these services, Ross also offers education and training.

By: Madelyn Chung – Fashion Magazine


The best microblading specialist in Montreal, Elina Ross.

By: Irina Terehova – MTL BLOG


About 2 months ago, I got my brows microbladed at @studio_eliross. I waited this long before posting about it because I wanted to make sure I have you a genuine opinion (ie: see if the color faded on me) Well, it’s been 2 months and I LOVE my new brows! Not only does the shape look perfect but it jas saved me previous minutes every morning!

By: Arianne – Julius and Valentina


Montreal’s eyebrow guru

By: Irina Tee – BEAUTY


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I got my brows microbladed by Elina and I am absolutely in love with them! I’ve wanted to do them for awhile but was very skeptical, after loads of research I had my heart set on her and I am so happy with the results! They don’t call her the eyebrow queen for nothing! I also tried the yumi lashes with eKaterina, and now can leave the house without a stitch of makeup! I’m hooked!!! If I could give this place 10 stars I would 🙂 friendly smiling and knowledgeable staff who know what they’re doing! Hats off girls! 🙏❤❤🙏 – dfdf

By: Amy T (5 stars)


I got microblading done at Studio Eli Ross a couple of months ago and I’ve never felt more confident!! My technician made sure she respected the look that I wanted and it came out perfect! I highly recommend them!

By: Mariella K (5 stars)


Eli Ross is an amazing brow artist!! I am truly in love with the results (microblading). Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

By: Malinda A (5 stars)


Nadia was my technician and I just have to say, she was the best! She made my first microblading experience such a positive one. I love my brows and I especially loved how patient she was with answering my questions and working towards what I wanted. Highly recommended.

By: Kim W (5 stars)


There’s no comparison, studio Eli Ross is the best, most hygienic, well equipped Microblading studio in Québec.

By: Sonia P.A (5 stars)


I had the microblading and I have never had so many compliments on my eyebrows. The staff is professional and so friendly. I greatly recommend for you to go there without any hesitation! Thank you so much 🙂

By: Karine A (5 stars)


Elina is the best! She is a master in what she does and she is genuinely passionate about her work!

By: Nadia B (5 stars)


Very professional atmosphere. Lovely staff. Simply the Best.

By: Yara A (5 stars)


She is simply the best! Dedicated and very professional! I get compliments on my eyebrows all the time! Don’t go anywhere else 😉

By: Cath B (5 stars)


If u want the best eyebrows… that’s the place to go!!!!

By: Mira B (5 stars)


Best technicians in the world 💚

By: Alexandra C (5 stars)


Nadia est une artiste, douce et attentionnée! J’adore mes sourcils!!

By: Genevieve B (5 stars)


J’ai fait faire mes sourcils au microblading et j’adore, c’est comme si j’avais un nouveau regard, merci à Sonya pour son professionnalisme et sa gentillesse !! Et merci à la gentille personne qui nous accueille également.

By: Genevieve R (5 stars)