SKU: MB804- 12ml

Maple is the most natural color for light blonde hair types, as well as for all bright and rather reddish skin types. Used pure a fine blond brown is obtained. The color can be mixed and matched with all brown tones. Combined with a bit of Flamingo Maple gets even warmer and golden.



SKU: MB805- 12ml

Brazil is suitable for all light brown to medium brown hair types. Suitable for all skin types. The result is a very nice delicate medium to dark brown. Mixed with Flamingo the result is a warm hazel.



SKU: MB806- 12ml   

Walnut can be used pure or mixed. With Maple lighter or with Coconut darker mixed, it is a good starting shade for darker skin types with medium to dark hair. Pure the color yields a rich chocolate brown finish. For cool skin undertones we recommend to add a little Flamingo to support the warm pigments.



SKU: MB807 – 12ml

Ebony is a slightly ashy, olive brown tone and suitable for all dark skin and hair types. The result is a cooler brown. The combination with Flamingo for a warmer rich dark brown is perfect.



SKU: MB808 – 12ml

Coconut is the darkest shade of brown. This beautiful brown black fits all southern, very dark skin and hair types. They can be used pure or with a touch warmer matched Flamingo. Coconut is kept in the skin very fast through the ashy amount, the result is quickly visible.



Dark Choco
SKU: MB809 –

The new pigment Dark Chocolate as a deep dark chocolate brown fits perfectly with dark skin types. It can be mixed as usual with other pigments of the MB series and is characterized by a very creamy consistency



SKU: MB803 – 12ml

Olive is used pure for light hair types, but mostly as a correcting color for reddish eyebrows together with a shade of brown color coordinated to the skin type.



MB801  – 12ml

Skin is a finely tuned, golden Camouflage color. Mixed with a brown color, the brown gets brighter and softer. Skin is used as a highlighter between too strong and dark eyebrow hair to loosen the look. Due to the high white pigment content, we do not recommend to use Skin as a general mix color for eyebrows.



MB802 – 12ml

Flamingo is an orange / yellow correction color for brightening dark MB pigments. Mixed with a brown tone color it is mainly used for the correction of blue or green eyebrows used. Cooler MB results can be warmed with Flamingo. Too deep pigmented spots can be corrected individually with Flamingo.



Gigaplast – 12ml

This sealer (kind of liquid patch) was specially for permanent make up of mechanic moved treatment designed. Advantageous physically attributes are: the pigment is kept in the skin. The gigaplast absorb the lymph, but keeps the pigment. Therefore the crust comes lower. Gigaplast is always at the same mellifluent texture.



Blades #12 

Micro Blades # 12 in flexi curve style with a needle diameter of only 0.18 mm are ideal to create precise and fine hair. 12 fine needles, lying closely, with a slightly curved slope angle ensure a delicate and natural blading. The Micro Blades are sterile, individually wrapped, 25 pcs./ package



Micro Blades #18U

Micro Blades # 18U flexi in U-shape style with a needle diameter of only 0.18 mm are ideal to create precise and smooth curves. 18 fine needles, lying closely, in U-shape style (U-shape) provide a delicate and natural blading. The Micro Blades are sterile, individually wrapped, 25 pcs./ package


Nourish serum aftercare

After care Yumi mascara – 9.2ml

The Keratin Mascara strengthens and condition your lashes in between lash lift & tint treatment. The Keratin in this keratin mascara gives a clear glitzy gloss to your lashes. The main component is keratin which coats each eyelash, penetrates into, recovers lash structure and solves different problems.


Eyenvy Serum ( 100$+Txs)_

Eyenvy Serum – 3.5ml

EyEnvy Conditioner, Eye lashes and eyebrows growth serum

EyEnvy™ is a breakthrough formula that helps improves the length, volume and thickness of both eyelashes and eyebrows


Zensa Alera numbing Cream ( 45$)

Zensa Numbing Cream – 30G

Maximum strength (5% lidocaine).
No effect on ink – doesn’t include vasoconstrictors like prilocaine.
Safe to use around sensitive areas (pH neutral).
Lasts 2-3 hours. Safe to reapply after skin has broken to extend numbing sensation.