Areola / Scar camouflage

At Studio Eli Ross we offer paramedical micro-pigmentation treatments designed for people who are going through a mammary reconstructive or enhancement surgery, breast lift, mastectomy, abdominoplasty as well as other plastic surgeries and/or have had a c-section.
We offer scar cover up tattoo treatment designed to correct skin imperfections following any of the above mentioned post surgical  skin trauma. We use specifically designed pigments to match the client’s skin tone and apply the pigment over the scar with the help of tattoo instrument to reduce the appearance of the healed scar.
Our services also include a 3D areola & nipple reconstruction as a final phase in a breast reconstruction surgery (mastectomy) that aims to help the breast look more original using pigments in different skin tones to make a flat tattoo appear more 3-dimentional and lifelike.
In most cases after a mastectomy and/or breast skin graft transplantation the areola cannot be surgically restored and only the hyperrealist and the 3D look of the nipple tattoo can reinstitute whatever was lost. Our paramedical tattoo specialist work with the most advanced tattoo machines and products on the market allowing us to work our state of the art shading techniques even on the most delicate skin and difficult scar tissue.
A lot goes into creating an areola: shape, size, colour, scar tissue etc. It is overall a very emotional and personalized treatment and we take great pride in the service that we provide in giving back women what they have once lost.

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