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Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience

We are a beauty destination located near Downtown Montreal. We are renowned for our best-in-class Microblading but also offer other exceptionally high-quality services.

Elina is the founder and president of the Studio. She always loved how make-up enhances a woman’s natural beauty, and her background in the field taught her a lot about skin types and how they react to different products, but also about color theory and facial symmetry. Upon graduating in Makeup Artistry from Lasalle College 2013, she had microblading performed on her eyebrows and immediately became intrigued by the technique. She proceeded to take a first microblading course, having a love for patterns and symmetry. At the time, microblading was a new technique, and Elina was a first-mover in the semi-permanent makeup industry in Montreal. After her first microblading course, Elina pursued four additional certifications in semi-permanent makeup: permanent makeup, nano needle, shading and phi-brows.

Elina’s portfolio includes over 2,000 healed microblading clients, and she continuously educates herself and her team on the newest trends and techniques. Over the years, she has built a strong team of passionate and very talented women who take their profession seriously.

Permanent and semi-permanent makeup is an art form, and Studio Eli Ross takes pride in holding the top position in permanent makeup studios across Canada. The Studio stays ahead of the competition by constantly educating its team on best practices and maintaining the highest industry standards.

In 2017, Elina began offering and teaching microblading courses at the Studio, to pass on her knowledge and to empower other women to open their own small business in the semi-permanent makeup field.

The Studio puts tremendous emphasis on soft beauty. Semi-permanent make-up is meant to enhance one’s natural features, which is why the work performed at the studio has a very a natural, soft look.

Since the opening of Studio Eli Ross, we have maintained our exceptional service. We are renowned in semi-permanent make-up, but we have also branched out our services in the beauty industry. We now offer Slimwave, YUMi Lash Lift as well as  Lash Extensions and Mani/Pedi. We have been featured in numerous articles and publications as the top microblading studio in Canada, namely the Journal de Montreal, Fashion Magazine, and Montreal Blog.

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